Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hey there! That lady up there is Angie, also known as... Me! This is my blog, and it's about exactly what the title states, two of my great loves; metal and makeup!

Have you ever come across a beauty blog and found it... Well, too girly? The goth/punk/etc. subcultures that surround metal music are usually the ones associated with the heaviest makeup and most high-maintenance hairstyles, like mohawks and colorful dyes. In fact, many beauty industry professionals identify with the respective scenes. And it's no wonder, really; the beauty industry is one of the only jobs you can hold that celebrates body "decoration" (isn't "modification" such a strong word?) including tattoos, piercings, bright hair colors, and more associated with these subcultures.

However, the art of these looks is not often noticed because of the offputting stereotypes society has associated these people with. But when you really look at it, the dramatic neon green and black eye, full sleeve tattoo, or blue and purple mohawk has just as much artistry to it as the average neutral eye, small ankle piece, and blonde highlights do. So where do they fit on your average beauty blog? They don't. And that's where my blog comes in.

I will always favor smoky eyes and vibrant colors on my eyes and hair over the norm. And you know what? That's just fine. 

So, once again, hey, I'm Angie! This blog was created to highlight alternative beauty and music. I'm going to review products just the same, but I'll add them into a look that's more my style and add in badass music like Cannibal Corpse, Carnifex, Alkaline Trio, and Man Overboard in between! (I do like other types of music!) You're not supposed to feel out of place if you don't have the same style as me, because it's beauty all the same, but that's just what I favor :)

So welcome! I've got a big shipment of makeup coming in to review, and I'll make some blog posts out of things I've reviewed on Beautylish. In the meantime, here's the link to my other makeup pages:

And here's the lovely song I'm listening to as I type this:

Enjoy, my dears!
<3 Angie

PS: I also really like cats. And coffee. So hey, maybe those will make an appearance too. ;)

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