Monday, December 24, 2012

Lime Crime Holiday 2012

A little late on some of these products, but take a look at Lime Crime's Holiday 2012 Collection!

Zodiac Glitters
Cosmetic-grade glitter inspired by the signs of Zodiac. Not your plain old glitter, these babies shift colors like sparkling constellations in the night sky, depending on the angle you look! For use on face, nails, hair and anywhere you want to sparkle. U.S. customers only: not recommended for immediate eye area. (Sells for $12.99 each, $129.99 as a set)


"Long-lasting, waterproof liquid lipstick that goes on with the ease of gloss and dries completely matte." (Sells for $16.99 each - currently sold out as of 12/24/12)

Carousel Glosses
(all swatches from The Makeup Box for accuracy)




"Imagine a lipstick... loaded with glitter... in a gloss form!" (Sells for $16.99 each)

These all look pretty damn rad. Excited to try out the Velvetines, possibly a gloss! You can click a banner on the right sidebar to go to Lime Crime's website and pick up any of these products!

 Happy holidays!
-<3 Angie

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