Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Urban Decay Deluxe Shadows (redo)

Part 2 of my Urban Decay order from November: Urban Decay Deluxe Shadows in Grafitti and Freakshow!

First things first, the packaging is adorable. This one is Grafitti. I'm not too big on the artwork compared to the other but, after all, it is... Grafitti. Harty-har.

FREAKSHOW! EEEE. This packaging is so cute, I just can't. Aaah. I also like the way they open, the push-the-button-lift-the-top deal.

Graffiti - A bright, shimmery green. I got it instead of Kush - the name put me off! Kush is a lot darker as well. This is an extremely bright emerald color, perfect for the new emerald fad that's coming in strong this year!

Freakshow - Supe dark purple. Subtle shimmer, almost metallic, a typical texture and look to most Urban Decay eyeshadows. Similar to the UD color Rockstar, but still a little darker and more blue-based than red. Functions as a good darkener to other purples.

L-R: Urban Decay Graffiti & Rockstar

Roundup time!
(all ratings are out of 5)

Staying Power: ♫♫♫
They came off somewhat quickly. Freakshow stayed a bit more than Graffiti.

Value: ♫♫♫♫♫
Very large amount of shadow for the price. I'm rating this for the $8 I paid and not the usual price, which I think is a bit too much.

Quality: ♫♫♫♫♫
Freakshow is not chalky like most darker colors. Both are very smooth and goes on easily.

Color: ♫♫♫♫♫
True to pan color, not to mention pretty unique shades.

Would I buy it again?: Yes! Definitely recommending. Kind of tempted to buy the Deluxe Shadow Box!

Enjoy dolls!
-<3 Angie

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