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Review: Sugarpill Pressed Shadows & Sweetheart Palette w/ Swatches

Hello loves! Here is my much awaited review on Sugarpill's pressed shadows - some of my absolute favorite eyeshadows! Without further adieu, enjoy!

All pictures (except for the Bulletproof ones) were taken in front of natural light by a window.


First of all, the packaging has my heart 5ever. The single eyeshadows come in little adorable boxes with a heart window and illustration (perhaps meant to look like Shrinkle & Tako?) with the color name printed at the bottom in matte cardboard. The palettes come with a similar finish to the cardboard, but with foil accents. The cardboard is more heavy duty in the palettes. The only disappointment I had was the fact that depotting was more difficult in the Heartbreaker palette since the shadows were glued in (I split the palette, so I had to depot), but that's my only complaint!

Sweetheart Palette, Mochi & Velocity

Top row: Velocity, Dollipop, & Afterparty
Bottom row: Mochi, Midori, & Tako

L-R: Mochi, Velocity; swatched over bare skin

Mochi is described as "matte mint seafoam with a slight pearly sheen." I see it as leaning towards more of a mint than a seafoam. I don't really see the pearly sheen - it's fairly matte. I've actually never seen any dupes or colors similar to this, so if you're looking for a nice mint eyeshadow, you've got your color! It looks lovely blended with Velocity.

Velocity is described as "vibrant matte royal blue." The color is pretty spot on. It's a true bright royal blue and a beautiful color. It's mostly matte with a bit of a sparkle to it. While I do love the color quite a bit, it does have pigmentation issues and comes off a tad chalky. I prefer to layer it over a waxy pigment base, like FaceFront's Survival Paint. It's said to be a dupe of Urban Decay's Chaos, a limited color that came in the Vice Palette, but sadly they both share the texture issues.

L-R: Tako, Midori, Afterparty, Dollipop; swatched over bare skin

Tako is described as "pure matte white." This is a completely true description. I use Tako as my inner corner & eyebrow arch highlight every day no matter what kind of makeup look I do. As you can see, it's very, very pigmented - I barely had to swatch the eyeshadow to get that much color payoff. Be careful, though, because you can overdo it! While white eyeshadow may not seem too impressive, this is definitely the color I would suggest to anyone trying to purchase their first Sugarpill color. I've never seen a white with such good quality! PS: Love that it's named after Shrinkle's adorable cat!

Midori is described as  "vibrant green with a slight pearl sheen." The pearliness comes off a lot stronger in this eyeshadow than Mochi, but the product is nowhere near frosty or shimmery. There's just a touch of tiny flecks of glitter. While not quite that similar to the drink of its namesake, it's still lovely. It's a really nice crease color for a green eye look - I incorporated it into my St. Paddy's look on Sunday myself!

Afterparty is described as "bright turquoise with a semi-pearly sheen." This is one of Sugarpill's most pigmented colors,  in my opinion. It's a most amped-up version of your average sky blue, but it's nowhere near average! Though I don't use it very often, it's one of my most versatile, beautiful colors. This is another color that comes off super bright even with the littlest tap, so use with caution!

Dollipop is described as "vibrant, matte hot pink. Dreamy!" And dreamy it is! Another of Sugarpill's signature super-pigmented products. If this came in a lipstick, I'd definitely buy! (Hint hint) It's a hot pink like I've never seen, and worked perfectly as a crease color for my Valentine's Day look. I've even used it as blush before I got my Tarte blush in Amused - the colors aren't very similar, however, Dreamy indeed! 

Single eyeshadows

Bulletproof is described as "deepest matte black with extraordinary pigmentation and lasting wear." The mouthy description definitely fits the bill. I ordered this from Beautylish and it came 2 days later which, sidenote, is amazing! Anyhow, the shadow is just a tad glittery/pearly, but not enough to rescind the matte description. The glitter only came off in these pictures - in real life, it's the deepest matter black you'll ever find. The product rules and I can't wait to work it into a smoky eye. Darkest, most pigmented black I've come in contact with.

@#$% is described as "saturated crimson red with a sparkling silver sheen." I always turn to "berry red" for this color. It's super glittery and sparkly, with a raspberry-like color to it. The pigmentation is amazing. The berry-like color makes it a lot more wearable than their matte red, Love+, which seems more warm-toned.  I don't wear it often anymore, but it's still a beautiful color.

Roundup time!
(all ratings are out of 5)

Staying Power: ♫♫♫♫1/2
These are some of the highest quality eyeshadows I've come in contact with when it comes to staying power. The reason for the half note is just for Velocity, which tends to come off easily. Not to mention, I still have Tako on my highlights after applying at 6:30am, unprimed.

Value: ♫♫♫♫♫
These eyeshadows sell for $12 for a .14 oz pan. The palettes sell for $36, which is basically the price of 3 eyeshadows for 4. I'm pretty confident it will be a long, long time before I hit pan on any of these.

Quality: ♫♫♫♫1/2
Again, half note for Velocity. However, all the other shadows blend seamlessly and go onto your eyes so smoothly it's ridiculous.

Pigmentation: ♫♫♫♫
All true to in-pan color and bright as you could possibly want them!

Would I buy it again?: Yes yes! I'm confident I'd miss all my colors if they were in a fire tomorrow! *knocks on wood*

Thank you so much for reading this long, picture heavy post! You can pick these shadows up at Sugarpill's online website, Beautylish, and a few other online stores.

Hope you all enjoyed this review! I will definitely get posting more often now that I have the time! Seeya dolls!
-<3 Angie

(As a bonus... Here's a song I haven't been able to pry my ears from in the past week)

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