Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: OPI Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer in Get Your Number

Hello everyone! No reviews lately, due to setting up my new computer. Here's a quick one!

The nail lacquer comes in the typical OPI bottle, with a decorated cap. 

Liquid Sand is a new finish introduced in the Mariah Carey collection, where this comes from. OPI's description of the texture: "... Liquid Sand, OPI's newest innovation in texture, these dazzling hues dry to a textured matte finish infused with reflective glints of light." It's sort of a jelly finish, with glitter throughout. It dries to, indeed, a sand texture, and fairly quickly at that, which is matte with glitter mixed in... Total contradiction! Opaque after about 2 coats.

Swatch time!

The color is a medium-dark blue, with silver and blue glitter mixed in. If you zoom in on a picture of the bottle, you can even see some teal and purple. It's sort of an interesting color you don't see very often, when blue nail polish is so common. I really like it!

Roundup time!
(all ratings are out of 5)

Staying Power: ♫♫♫♫
Average for a nail polish. About a week to a week and a half.

Value: ♫♫♫
I've never really found the $9/15 mL (60 cents per mL) price was really fair. (I get nail polishes on a salon discount.) I probably would not pay full price for it.

Quality: ♫♫♫♫♫
Amazing quality as usual from OPI!

Pigmentation: ♫♫♫♫♫
1-2 coats reaches opacity, and it's not streaky whatsoever.

Would I buy it again?: I reeeally want the color Stay the Night!

You can pick these up on Ulta, in salons, salon stores, etc. Thanks for reading!
-<3 Angie

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