Tuesday, July 23, 2013

(Belated) Review: Ipsy Glam Bag July 2013

So if you've been keeping up with me on Twitter, you'll know I was super excited to receive and review my first Ipsy Glam Bag, which I got about a week or two ago!

Ipsy is a subscription box service - which, as you may know, all bloggers love subscriptions - that sends you a mix of 5 full-sized and sample-sized products that they think you'd like, based on a quiz you take when you register. It's $10 a month and the bag pretty much always is valued at way more than $10! This also comes with kickass coupons for all the brands featured in the bag.

The bag contains a 7 mL sample of Coola's Mineral Sunscreen/Moisturizer, a POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon, 3 bh Cosmetics eyeshadows from their new California Collection palettes, a Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Mai Tai, and a half-sized Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray. Lots of products for just $10!

 The bag itself is in the back. I used this bag in my purse at a concert last Saturday. It doesn't fit much and, sadly, my zipper's gone wonky and started doing that separation thing some zippers do. Hard to explain. The bag, however, is adorable, and reminds me of children's jelly sandals, of which I was a huge offender as a child.

bh Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

My brother described the palette as about the size of a pack of gum, which I will attest to. The eyeshadows are all dime-sized, which I think is full-sized for bh. There is a bright purple satin from the Hollywood palette, a coppery warm brown satin from the San Francisco palette, and a shimmery yellow-gold from the Malibu palette.

Pigmentation is disappointing. Left swatches are bare skin and right swatches are over my favorite primer, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool. These colors came off very pastel and hardly pigmented at all and had to be built up quite a bit on the eye, even with my Urban Decay brush, which is known to pick up too much color. These colors are hardly visible without the primer, while the white base makes them show up just a bit more. I will say, if you want to wear these, the Color Tattoo is a good investment. All around, these eyeshadows are sub-par. I did enjoy receiving eyeshadow, however.

COOLA Mineral Face SPF 20 Unscented Moisturizer

I was not expecting much out of this. I mean, it's just a sunscreen, organic or not. However, I first tried it as a moisturizer, and it was wonderful on my skin, which is prone to oiliness with certain moisturizing products. I then used it as a facial sunscreen on probably one of my highest-risk burn days, Warped Tour, in tandem with my daily BB cream. My face is completely free of any color or burning, and my face always, without fail, burns in the sun. I'm really impressed. Not to mention, it's completely unscented and a nice, creamy texture. 

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray

This spray was eh. My hairstylist mother was impressed when I pulled this out of the oh-so-adorable shiny pink packaging, seeing as it's a pretty high end salon brand. The full size of this is $19.95 for 150 ml, so this is at least a $6.65 value in itself. It smells really nice and beachy, with an unusual ocean-like scent that might be hard to replicate. I sprayed this all over my damp hair and, once it dried, it didn't make much of a difference. My hair already dries to a "beach wave" sort of texture, so that might be it. However, my hair was super soft, just like it would be if I'd taken a dip in the water.

Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Mai Tai

First of all, being straight edge, you can tell the gimmick of this company might get on my nerves. Unlike brands like The Lip Bar, who use a classy approach, this company uses words like "intoxicating" that just stir up images of bad party girls to me. Gimmick aside, this color is beautiful. It's an almost salmon-tinted orange that's extremely neon. Seeing as I have a horrible addiction to no-chip manicures and getting my toes painted by other people for $8-$10 and saving myself the trouble, I haven't used it on an actual nail, but I swatched it on paper. The smell was a bit much, but the formula seemed great and opacity was not an issue. Nice nail polish; especially nice to see a full-sized product in the bag! Is it worth $13, though? Not sure.

POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush

(oh hey, awkward lip swatch and freckles)

This color was a change-up for me. I've been wanting to try a chubby stick-style product for a long time now. Also, seeing as I have neutral undertones that can lean different ways at different times, I never knew if coral would work for me. I was hoping for the fuchsia crayon to feed my addiction. However, this color was a great change up! It's definitely more of a pinky coral, but it's a beautiful neon-based color. The formula is extremely moisturizing and smooth on. The pencil makes application extremely easy.

3 bh Cosmetics eyeshadows - $2.09
7 mL COOLA Mineral Face SPF 20 Unscented Moisturizer sample - $5.04
50 mL Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray - $6.65
Nailtini Nail Lacquer (full size) - $13
POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon - $4.20
= $30.98

This was calculated using the prices of the full sized packages of the products shown above.

For my $10/month subscription price, I got over $30 worth of products, as well as a cute makeup bag. Not bad, huh? I will definitely be keeping my subscription. Can't wait for August already!

If you feel like this is something you would be interested in, join Ipsy via my IpsyPoints referral link and I'll get goodies in return! Thank you so much!

-<3 Angie

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