Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: NYX Round Case Lipstick in Castle

Ah, Castle. I got this color on my last birthday and it was around the dawning of my makeup addiction. I wore this lip color every day and loved it with all my heart. And now, I've finally swatched it and can review it for you!

As stated, this comes in a round case. Hahah. The case is now sleek and black with a regular NYX logo, but mine comes in the older packaging with lots of swirls and designs and the old "lip smacking fun colors" quote.

The bottom cap displays a decent example of the lipstick's color, which I've heard contains actual lipstick but I'm not willing to dig out...

On the top cap is the name!

These lipsticks have a lot of slip to them, as they used to be referred to as "extra creamy." They last probably 2-3 hours. I've never lined with this color so I don't know how this would effect the wear time. Not my most long-wearing lip color. They are, however, pretty hydrating on the lips.


Swatched on skin, it looks a lot more purple, since my lips can be more pigmented at most when my anemia is in check, ha. It did cover a very brown freckle (as you see above) that I usually test foundation over.

This picture looks kind of odd, eek. As you can see, it leans pinker on the lips, and has a frosty, glittery finish. Not too much glitter, but it is pretty frosty.

-Unique color
-Universally flattering, especially for a purple

-Comes off easily
-Needs lots of layering

Roundup time!
(all ratings are out of 5)

Staying Power: ♫♫1/2
Doesn't stay on long at all.

Value: ♫♫♫♫♫
$4. Come on.

Quality: ♫♫♫♫
Very smooth.

Pigmentation: ♫♫♫
Somewhere in the between.

Would I buy it again?: I'm not a huge fan of these, but for $4,  I could be tempted.

There you have it! You can purchase NYX products on their website or Ulta.


-<3 Angie

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