Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Ipsy Glam Bag August 2013

I got my 2nd Ipsy bag a few days ago and... Oh lawd, I'm in love.

The bag looks like this. I personally think it's adorable and kind of looks like a makeup Hogwarts logo, no? The theme is Glamour Academy, thus the school crest. As someone who started my subscription in July, I wish I'd gotten a bag in this style first. My July bag's zipper broke within days and it hardly fits anything. This, however, is a good makeup bag for travel!

Michael Todd Organics Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub

Doesn't that look tasty? That's kind of a heavy amount, but I wanted you to see what the scrub looked like. I washed my face with this and didn't see much of a difference, but my oiliness has lessened greatly, so that's one thing. I wanted the pumpkin one, seeing as that's my favorite scent ever, but I'm actually glad I didn't get it, because this is for "all skin types," while the other one is "all skin types but sensitive." Meh. It's a good facial cleanser, and $18 is actually not bad for something 3x the size of this sample.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow

The packaging, as always for NYX products, is black, sleek, and simple. I quite enjoy it.

(Excuse the mess, I used this with a duo fibre stippling brush the day before!)

The top swatch is a heavier one and the bottom is blended out. This is the first cream blush I've ever used, so it was kind of an experience. I don't have much to compare it to. It just feels... Like a cream! The blush blends out easily for a nice touch of color. I used a brush, but I have a feeling it'd be easier to apply with your fingers, as I did in the swatches. NYX describes this as "plummy-pink." Uh, no. The color is a nice coral/salmon pink with peachy tones that looked quite nice on me. Not to mention, this was full sized, so score!

Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

I'd love to review how this works for me, but, unfortunately... That is their idea of fair. Yellowy tan girl. I can't use this, but here's a swatch. The bottle is pretty, at least!

Pixi Lash Booster Mascara

See that greasy stuff on the wand? That would be the mascara. This felt oily/slippery/greasy/just eh. (Weirdly enough, it just felt like paint when I touched it.) The brush is also a little rough. It's fine if you just want black lashes and that's all, but this dragged down my curl and made my lashes feel greasy. No-go for sensitive oily eyes. After putting the ingredients in a cosmetic analyzer, I learned there's not many irritants in it, but there are a few. Probably not the best idea for me. It's an average mascara.

Last but not least...

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy


Oh, Ipsy, how did you ever know hot pink lipsticks are the bane of my monetary existence? I really wanted the red, but... omg, this color. Nevermind.

That is one swipe. All my lip swatches were gone over at least once. Not this time. Oh my satan. This is so pigmented. I've heard of people tapping it on, and I believe them.

I have no idea why my lip swatches are so awkward, don't ask. But that would be the color on my lips! It's somewhat of a vinyl finish, for lack of a better description. I love this color, I was eyeing the full size like a fiend in my new, extremely close, dangerous for my wallet Ulta yesterday, but it lost out to a Too Faced palette... Believe me, though, this 80's beautiful babe will be mine. Very, very soon.


30mL/1 oz Michael Todd Organics Jojoba Charcoal Scrub = $5.29
Full size NYX cream blush = $6
10 mL Pacifica Alight BB Cream - $5.33
Weight unknown, maybe .05 oz Pixi Mascara - $3.40
 Weight unknown, maybe .01 oz UD Lipstick: $2.44
= $22.46

These calculations were made using the prices of the full-sized products. The last 2 were estimated, due to not being labeled as a certain weight. Pixi was calculated with a similarly sized mascara I own.

There was many variations of the bag this month based on beauty quiz results, so some people got more valuable bags. Either way, I got to try a lot of things I wouldn't have otherwise, and I'm happy with it, especially for getting twice my $10 payment! This also did not include my bag's price, which would probably put the count closer to $30!

If you feel generous, holla at my IpsyPoints referral link and I'll get gifts, while you'll get another of these fabulous bags!

Until next time, dolls!

-<3 Angie

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