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Review: Sigma Creme de Couture Palette

Yet again, Leesha of xsparkage has persuaded me to buy something!

Seriously though. This is a limited edition, all-matte eyeshadow palette from Sigma. I am in love. First, let's bask in this glorious packaging:

This little card comes inside listing the "flavors" of the macaron-inspired eyeshadows:

The back also displays the color names. The whole thing is made of a very sturdy cardboard with a top that lifts off, but stays secure.

These are sorted by what I guess would be color families. The top ones have pink tones, the next row is fall-ish (and then bright blue...), then purples, then teals. The shadows are a bit smaller than I thought they would be for the price - about the size of a bh Cosmetics eyeshadow, but it's not a problem to me. As one of my favorite bloggers, Brightest Bulb In the Box, says, "Using this eyeshadow palette has soul-lifting effects akin to nuzzling a kitten."

I feel you, man.


I have begun to use Scotch tape for precise lines and I put my swatches over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, seeing as I wouldn't wear these unprimed anyway.

Redberry Rose is described as "a vibrantly fresh hot pink." I'll have to compare this one to Sugarpill's Dollipop, but the two are very similar. This one is a bit more purple-toned. Nonetheless, this is definitely one of the Barbie colors of the Palette!

Apricot Flower is described as "a delicate whip of peach crisp." Can't really describe this in any other way than the fact that it's a "mom color," but I still like it. It's a mauve/brown-toned peach. This is one of the more fall-ish colors, and will probably work well with Cafe Au Lait and Passion Fruit.

Passion Fruit is described as "a rich tropical icing." Some of these descriptions aren't color-related at all, but hang in there, because I'll give you my own! That sounds super sarcastic. Anyway, this is another subdued color. It's another peachy brown, but with a lot more brown.

Cherry Blossom is described as "a light and airy cherry bloom." This color makes me think of the trees that are their namesake. I love cherry blossom trees, due to the rigorous anime fan training I received as a child, and I love this color! It actually makes a really nice eyebrow highlight and I'm not upset there isn't a cream color for that purpose at all, because this has it covered! Lovely light baby pink and smooth as buttah.

(My dermatographia kicked in, oops)

Meyer Lemon is described as "a zesty sweet golden glow." This is a very light yellow that makes quite the nice inner corner highlight. This color makes me use colors in much more creative ways, which I love!

Ginger Pumpkin sounds delicious is described as "an earthy spiced orange cake." (I thought they were macarons?) This is a true bright orange, but not too bright. It's orange, but way more wearable. I'm never one for wearable, but, just saying, this might not bother your mother!

Cafe au Lait is described as "a buttery, warm mocha cookie." I'm now hungry. As much as I adore chocolate macarons, this color seems a bit out of place in this palette. It's a nice, deep, chocolatey brown, but as someone who owns both Naked Palettes, I was not looking for brown.

Blueberry Cream is described as "a milky blue velvet cream filling." I've tried to use this as a lid color, but, indeed, the pigmentation wants it to be a filling. This is the only one I had pigmentation issues with, honestly. It's a baby blue, but much brighter than Blue Chocolat. It's such a beautiful color, however, that I'm willing to use the crap out of my NYX Jumbo Pencil and pack it on until it looks opaque!

Violet Whip is described as "an airy pastel lilac highlight." This, indeed, looks beautiful as a highlight in the inner corner, but I haven't tried it on the browbone. It's a very light pastel lavender, but it's so pigmented, as are the majority of the colors.

Lavender Honey is described as "a subtle hint of pansy purple glaze." This looks amazing blended into the blues. I've been looking for this particular color for so long. In my head, I called it "sick purple" - you know, the purple that emits from poisonous things in cartoons? Kind of the color from Koffing and Weezing, the Pokemon. It's a very pinky lavender color.

Cassis is describes as "a shot of bold & creamy berry." I had no idea what this word even meant. Google told me it implies a blackcurrant flavored macaron. It's a bright blue-based purple. I had issues with the camera picking it up as bright-blue, actually. Such a lovely color.

Elderberry is described as "a luscious concord for smokey depth." This is a dark purple with slight reddish undertones. I use this to darken up the look, in the crease, most of the times I use this palette. It also has a bit of pigmentation problems like Blueberry Cream, but it's the darkest color in the palette, so, naturally, I use it quite a lot.

Blue Chocolat is described as "a melt-in-your-mouth light aqua cream." This is a light, pastel baby blue. Very pretty color, but I haven't got much use of it yet.

Almond Pear is described as "a sweet mint celadon marmalade." If you look up what celadon is (because you don't know what it is, like I didn't), that's a spot-on accurate description. It's a light mint green, used for silk robes and Asian ceramics. Lovely color, especially with the mint trend lately.

Creme de Menthe is described as "a delicate & milky sea green." This is basically my favorite color of anything, so I was drawn to this eyeshadow over almost all the others. It's a blue-green minty color, with a beautiful color payoff. This looks like a lighter version of China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise polish, which I was rocking on my toes last month.

Citron Pistachio is described as "a vividly bright lime meringue." This is a neon-ish lime green. This color sits in the pan among all the others and waits for you to realize it's amazingly gorgeous. This is the wallflower of your high school pressed into a pan. (So many weird metaphors in this post.) I didn't think this color was gonna rule half as hard as it did when I applied it, and it's probably now my favorite color in the whole palette.

In general, I would recommend using NYX's Milk and Shadow Insurance for maximum brightness.

A few looks:

Above: used Blueberry Cream, Elderberry, Cherry Blossom, Lavender Honey, and Meyer Lemon.

Above: Citron Pistachio, Cassis, Meyer Lemon, Lavender Honey, Cherry Blossom, and Violet Whip. Tutorial coming soon.

Roundup time!
(all ratings are out of 5)

Staying Power: ♫♫♫♫
These do fade after a few hours, but nothing too dramatic.

Value: ♫♫♫♫♫
These shadows calculate to $2 per shadow when you buy this palette. Big sticker price, but I consider that a deal!

Quality: ♫♫♫♫
Though a few are chalky, these are generally smooth and lovely to apply.

Pigmentation: ♫♫♫♫
Majority of them are lovely on this front!

Would I buy it again?: If it wasn't limited edition :( :( :( :( :(

You can pick this up on Sigma's website or in their brick and mortar store in Mall of America. This is limited edition, so get yours soon!

-<3 Angie

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