Monday, April 14, 2014

Review: eos Smooth Stick Lip Balm in Vanilla Bean

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Quick update: I have been trying to get my March Favorites video up for a year and a day. Windows Movie Maker keeps blacking out my clips upon publishing, unfortunately. If anyone knows what I can do to fix this, let me know.

Now to the review!

Recently we got something new in at my work, which is the eos Smooth Stick Lip Balms. The spheres are a hot sell on their own, so these intrigued me enough to pick one up that day!

One thing I really love about eos is the fact that all their products come packaged so nicely. I hate how some brands (NYX, Revlon with the matte balms...) don't seal off their products in a drugstore, when, clearly, it is very easy to mess with the product and tamper with it. This packaging keeps everything completely sanitary and yay!

On the box, we see this claims to be "a lip balm for happy, moist, super-smooth lips, 100% natural, and 95% organic." .14oz of product is in there, as opposed to the circular lip balms, which contain .25 oz for the same price.

The balm comes in a sort of large, bulky container (as opposed to your standard Chapstick) displaying different colors to go with each flavor. We only had the Vanilla Bean, which is cream colored, but there is also Raspberry Pomegranate (red) and Sweet Mint (mint).

Above is what the product looks like completely rolled up. I don't advise that you do this, because it will wobble in the container for pretty much forever afterwards.

The lip balm is moisturizing, as are all eos products. (I own two sphere balms and a shave cream as well.) However, I found that the spheres are better at this job somehow. It may be an illusion brought on by the simple fact that it's easier to put on more in the alternate shape, but I prefer them. Not to mention, this flavor smells nice, but all scent and flavor dissipates on the lips, which is the complete opposite of the spheres. I still far prefer these to my old, greasy Baby Lips balms, though!

Roundup time!
(all ratings are out of 5)

Staying Power: N/A
Lip balm doesn't really need to "stay"

Value: ♫♫♫♫
It's cheap, but you can get almost twice the product in the spheres for the same price.

Quality: ♫♫♫♫♫
Feels nice, buttery, and moisturizing on the lips!

Pigmentation: N/A
It's clear

Would I buy it again?: Maybe, out of my collector's mentality

If you're interested in trying a new thing for a low price like I was, you can pick it up at Five Below like I did for $3.29, as well as any major grocer. Online, you can get it from Ulta for $3.49 or eos' website for $3.29.

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